Understanding Low Volatility Slots


Many online casino players can wrap their heads around many online casinos terms and how they operate. Slot volatility is one of those terms that new online casino players find hard to understand. Even many experienced players are indecisive on whether to play low volatility pokies or take more risk.

Of course, a typical slot player only wants to have fun and make money while at it. Understanding slot volatility and making the best choice of games can help you maximize your gameplay and bankroll. And that consequently improves your chances of winning.

With that in mind, the article details what pokies volatility means, how to determine different types and which is good for you.

What is the concept of slot volatility?

A slot’s volatility determines the typical size of prizes and how often. Not to be confused with RTP, which is the percentage that generally pays out and on average. You get an idea of how big or small and how often you should expect the coin-dropping sounds from the slot.

A clearer illustration

A highly volatile slot with an RTP rating of 95% often promises a life-changing payout. For instance, a slot that promises a jackpot win of $500,000 with only a $5 bet, which 100,000x of your bet will theoretically require billions of best before it payout such a huge prize. That also implies that almost all players participating in such a game will experience frustrating long dry spells.

On the flip side is the low volatile slot, let’s say with the same 95% RTP, which pays out smaller prizes instead of juicy payouts. Such a low volatile slot frequently pays after only a few spins.

Rating slot with volatility

No two slots are designed the same and pay at the same rate. However, all slots are broadly classified based on their frequency of payouts and sizes.

Breaking down high volatility

While everyone desires a big win playing an online casino, it is only suited for those with enough bankroll to withstand many losses and prolonged dry spells.

That’s because high volatile slots only pay enormous amounts and occasionally. Those that love the thrill of chasing those types of headline-making payouts rather than regular unimpressive wins will find these types of slots irresistible.

Examples of such games are Wheel of Fortune Megaways, Gonzo’s Quest, Mega Joker, Book of R, and many more!

Summary: Slots that award huge but infrequent payouts are considered high volatile.

Are high volatile slots good for you?

High variance slots may be suited for you if you

  • Only play to win big.
  • Get entertainment from taking risks.
  • Have sizable to withstand many losses.
  • Win big with small bets.

Breaking down Low volatility

Low volatile slots are preferred by players who would rather play it safe than risk losing a sizable amount of money. Consistent little wins and bonus features make these games very entertaining for slot lovers, especially the newbies.

Though a decent win can pop up in these games, they are a rarity compared to high volatile slots. Every casino is filled with these games, and some popular ones are American Gold Rush, Jimi Hendrix, Lucky Cherry, Blood Suckers, and Irish Magic.

Summary: Low volatile slots assure frequent, consistent small wins with little dry spells.

Are low volatile slots good for you?

Low volatile slots should be appealing to you if you

  • A more newbie to online slots.
  • Can only afford slight risks.
  • Not after big wins.
  • Trying to meet wagering conditions.
  •  have limited bankroll.

A meeting point between low volatility and high volatility

In between the two broad classifications of online slots are the medium volatile slots. We can call these games a compromise of the earlier discussed categories. The risk, the size of the payouts, and also the frequency are all average.

Subdivisions of slots volatility

To provide the players with more flexibility, game developers added subdivisions to the classification of slot volatility. Those subdivisions give more flexibility to the risk, how often the prizes are paid out, and their sizes. The two subdivisions are Medium/High volatility games and Low/Medium volatility games. The former is slightly less volatile than high volatility slots, while the latter is more volatile than low volatility slots.

Summary of divisions of slot volatility


  • Require big capital.
  • Taking risks is involved.
  • For veteran slot players.
  • It involves waiting for large wins.
  • Examples are Book of Dead, Game of Thrones, and 300 Shields.


  • For alternate big and small wins.
  • Reduced risk.
  • Above-average bankroll needed.
  • Higher risk than average.
  • Examples: The Wish Master, Jack, and the Beanstalk, Super Nudge 6000, and several other NetEnt slots.


  • A balance between low and high variance slot.
  • Good for average bankroll.
  • Great bankroll management.
  • Promise extended game time and scent wins.
  • Examples: Admiral Nelson, Flame Busters, Ace of Spades, and Untamed Giant Panda.


  • Taking risks with a small bankroll.
  • More fun with a few decent wins occasionally.
  • Suitable for newbies that have gained more experience.
  • Examples: Thunderstruck II, Asgardian Stones, BerryBurst, Cats & Cash, and Incinerator.


  • Suitable for first-timer slot players.
  • Great for small bankroll.
  • more game sessions and fun.
  • Way less risking.
  • Wins are small.
  • Example: Hit in Vegas, Starburst, Bloodsuckers II, and Enchanted Garden II.

How can you determine the volatility of a slot?

Sometimes, the developer may categorically list the volatility rating of the slot. Using this information against the payouts in the paytable gives the player an idea. For instance, a provider can give the volatility of its games as 4 out of 5. Such information helps in anticipating the next winning spin.

In other cases, you would have to figure out the volatility without these ratings. You may have to consider the number of features, sizes of payouts, and hit frequency. A slot with moderate features, small maximum bet size, small to decent prizes, a high number of ways to win, and high hit frequency is likely to pay more.

Putting slot volatility to good use

How much you win from an online slot has nothing to do with the volatility. However, with it, you can increase the chance of a payout when you pick a slot that fits your gaming needs and budget. Here are a few ways to turn the odds slightly in your favor and boost your chance of payouts.

  • Go for low volatile slots if you are playing on a small budget.
  • Playing as many lines or even a maximum number of lines gives more chance to record a win
  • Reduce your stake if you must play a high volatile slot with a small bankroll. That earns you more spins.
  • Play low volatile bonus with your casino bonus to meet the playthrough requirement. Yukon Gold gives low wagering.


Unless where the developer states it, you may not get the exact figure about slot volatility. All you need is to understand the concept from actually playing it. The essential parameters are the size of prizes and the frequency of payout. Low volatile slots pay small prizes with short cold streaks. High volatile slots, on the other hand, pay big but not often.

As already discussed, some slots’ volatility is a compromise of the two extremes. Essentially, your experience, type of player, and budget should guide you to pick suitable online slots and some real money.


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