Venkatesh’s Narappa Announced For Amazon Prime Video

In one of the latest developments in Indian entertainment industry, Narappa has been announced for release. The film, starring Venkatesh and Priyamani, has just released its trailer. And the audiences are way too excited to be seeing it on their screens. Narappa has been the subject of discussion among avid Indian movie watchers for quite some time now. But now that the trailer for the film is finally out, it brings relief for those same fans. So what does the new trailer for the movie hold for us? And when does the production team plan to bring it to our screens? These must be the questions popping up in your mind right now. So keep reading on to find the answer to these questions, as we will answer them all.

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Venkatesh’s Narappa: What’s There To Know

Now you might be wondering why Venkatesh is such a huge figure in this movie. And it is because the legendary actor plays the role of Narappa in the movie. The movie is titled after the protagonist himself, and hence the association with the name. Joining Venkatesh on the big screen, the award winning actress Priyamani will be playing the role of Sundarrama, Narappa’s wife. While it is not the main role in the movie, it is quite an important one. And it is also one that can make or break the main character. So we expect Priyamani to bring a lot of grace to the role and take the movie to sky scraping heights.

Now, we know for a fact that Narappa has a great story behind it, and the plot is strong. How do we know that, you ask? Well the answer is quite simple. Narappa is not an original movie. In fact, nothing about it’s plot is original. It is a movie that has been remade from an old Tamil classic “Asuran”. Asuran is a legendary Tamil movie starring Dhanush and Manju Warrier. So the plot and backbone for the movie is pretty solid. It has stood the test of time and audiences and we expect that Narappa will do justice to this plot. All that is required is careful production and tasteful acting, and we might have a winner on our hands.

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Narappa: What We’ve Seen So Far

Venkatesh's Narappa

Narappa has seen quite the development cycle. The movie, which was initially slated for a May release date, had to be delayed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The movie underwent a lot of time in production and with the delays, the audiences have become more impatient.

There have been a lot of developments for Venkatesh’s Narappa recently, most of which have been aimed at getting the prospective fans warmed up for the movie. The least of which is the cast. The cast for the movie has been revealed and besides Venkatesh and Priyamani, the movie will be casting the likes of Rao Ramesh, Karthik Ratnam, Rajeev Kanakala, and many more elegant actors in different roles. The production house Suresh Productions also released a song from the movie recently. That surely got the attention of a lot of people. “Chalaaki Chinnammi” was the first promotional release for the movie. Performed by Aditya Iyengar and Nutana Mohan, the song gained a very good response from the audiences and gave the movie the push it needed.

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When does Venkatesh’s Narappa Come Out

Now the question that most of our readers must have been asking. We are pleased to tell you that we have a concrete release date for Narappa, and it is coming out quite soon. In fact, it releases on July 20th 2021. And that has been confirmed by the production house in the tweet that stated,“Humble farmer. Loving father. Devoted husband. How far will he go to protect his family? Meet #NarappaOnPrime, July 20 on Amazon Prime Video.” That’s just a few days away! The movie will be coming with a bang, and we’re ready for it. When the movie comes out, grab your popcorn and tune in your tv to Prime. That’s what we’ll be doing for sure.

Are you excited for the new release? And have you watched the original? If so, how was it? Let us know in the comments down below.

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