What Does “The Head” Has to Offer?

HBO Max is making good use of its brand power to promote the company’s international projects, such as last month’s critically praised “30 Coins” and now HBO Asia’s “The Head,” a delightfully bingeable thriller set on the end of the planet. There are echoes of John Carpenter’s “The Thing” mixed in with something that reads like an Agatha Christie mystery thriller, complete with an untrustworthy narrator or two.

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A Gist About The Head

The premise for “The Head” is wonderful for anyone who like isolated, single-setting mysteries. Except for flashbacks, all six episodes were set in Antarctica, largely at the Polaris VI research station.

Even though they’re ready to break up, it starts out with everyone in a good mood. The sun will probably be gone for six months, which means there will be a small team at the site for the Winterers season, who might continue the study into preventing global warming directed by Arthur Wilde, a famous biologist.

On the South Pole, winter has arrived. For the next six months, the sun will be gone. Under the supervision of renowned biologist Arthur Wilde, a small crew known as the Winterers will remain at the Polaris VI Antarctic Study Station to continue their unique research, which is critical in the battle against climate change (John Lynch).

When summer commander Johan Berg (Alexander Willaume) returns to the station in the spring, he discovers that the whole team is either dead or disappeared. A serial murderer is already on the loose, and Johan’s wife, Annika (Laura Bach), is missing. If he wants to locate her alive, he’ll have to put his faith in Maggie (Katharine O’Donnelly), a young doctor who appears to be the group’s single survivor.

The band had no idea what they’d created when they first watched the final edit. Tork recalls, “It was probably more puzzling to me than it was to the typical moviegoer.” “A lot of people misconstrued it,” Dolenz adds. In retrospect, the marketing campaign appears to be suicidal. The balding head of media theorist John Brockman was featured on posters, along with the slogan: “What is the storey behind Head? John Brockman’s psychiatrist is the only one who knows for sure!” The Monkees were not mentioned in the so-called Monkees film.

“The intellectuals wouldn’t go to watch it anyhow since they loathed the Monkees,” Dolenz explains. Jones says Rafelson and Nicholson were only “practising their film approaches. At that time, they were tossing us to the gators.”

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the head

Who is in the Cast of The head

Katharine O’Donnelly as Maggie Mitchell 

During the winter, the new station doctor She is one of three newcomers at Polaris VI, along with Aki and Heather, and she develops a strong friendship with Aki. When the summer team returns, she is the only survivor among two missing and seven dead team members, and she is hidden and terrified. While physically and psychologically exhausted, she attempts to piece together the events of the past. Johan’s hunt for his wife is prompted by her narrative.

Alexandre Willaume as Johan Berg

The summer commander of the station His wife Annika stays at the station over the winter and is gone when Johan returns after a six-month absence due to a three-week communication breakdown. In order to find his wife, he attempts to figure out what occurred.

John Lynch as Arthur Wilde

A well-known biologist who was a pioneer in Antarctic research. He and Annika found a microbe that feeds on CO2 eight years before the events of the series. He continues his research on Polaris VI in order to combat climate change. He is a manipulative and domineering character. Although he does not run the research station, he does have considerable influence over the personnel as the top scientist. He was initially thought to be missing, but he turned out to be a survivor.

Richard Sammel as Erik Osterland

Polaris VI’s winter commander. He comes from the military and works hard to keep the squad safe and cohesive. Ebba, the station’s nurse, is his girlfriend. an aspirational and committed scientist who co-discovered the bacteria with Arthur. She stayed at Polaris VI because she is motivated to contribute to this important study while also being recognised in a society dominated by males. Annika is absent when Johan returns, and he makes every effort to locate her.

Sandra Andreis as Ebba Ullman

The station nurse, who has previously endured several winters on Polaris VI. She misses her children and family, but she is also having an affair with Erik, which is causing her stress.

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Wrapping Up

Tellem termed the multilingual series a “huge step forward” in an interview with Variety in 2019, characterising it as “extremely fascinating, a highly international storey: the globe right now is built up of many individuals living in places other than where they were born.” “One thing we insisted on was that it be a human narrative,” he continued. “Everything that happened there happened as a result of what people did to other people; there’s a reason for it.” It’s based on the most basic human survival instincts.”

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