What is Generation Hustle All About?

For a variety of reasons, we like documentaries on the “art of the con.” One of them is that the frauds portrayed are so sophisticated and complicated that they can’t help but impress. The second reason is that the con artist or con artists are always discovered.

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What is Generation Hustle All About?

The many filmmakers may present their experiences in an entertaining manner that keeps their storylines going by making Generation Hustle an anthology series. The first episode, about the Hollywood Con Queen, was a fascinating hour because the people Motskin spoke to for the program weren’t idiots; they were people on the verge of breaking out in their respective professions, as the episode highlighted. They were on the point of being able to pick and choose their projects, and when this scam artist called, they were eager to see what would happen next.

Generation Hustle is a ten-part docuseries about people who have hustled their way to wealth, fame, and power, sometimes by defrauding others who are looking for the same things. The ten episodes are directed by five different filmmakers and produced by Alex Gibney’s Jigsaw Productions.

An investigator, lawyer, or reporter is brought about the halfway point to assist explain the facts of the con: how the individual got away with it, how they were discovered, and what precisely was criminal about it.

“Generation Hustle” covers each story with a formulaic approach in the three episodes provided to critics: the first half of each episode sets up the scam through interviews with various targets and, on rare occasions, the scammer themselves, and the second half reveals the details of each deception and charts the person’s ultimate fall from grace.

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Let’s Know About the Episodes

“The Con Queen of Hollywood,” the first episode, depicts an intricate ruse that led ambitious screenwriters, photographers, and actors on a wild goose chase around Indonesia on their own cash, all with the promise of reimbursement and a hefty reward at the end.

Episode 2: “The Party’s Over”

Ian Bick turns himself from a geeky youngster into a concert promoter almost as renowned as the artists he books by building a business on nothing but pure ambition. His rise is as dramatic as his fall, culminating in an FBI raid that shocks his family, friends, and hometown. As the teenager’s EDM raves fill houses and feed his emerging VIP lifestyle with first-class trips, high-end shopping, and brand-new jet skis, his fall is as dramatic as his rise – culminating in an FBI raid that shocks his family, friends, and hometown.

Episode 3: “The 23 Lives of Jeremy Wilson”

Jeremy Wilson uses his good looks and easy charisma to take on a variety of roles, including a decorated Special Forces Captain, a stylish Scottish music journalist, the love child of an iconic IRA bomber, and others. While wooing, manipulating, and deceiving friends and family throughout the country, he manages to elude law enforcement for decades – until he’s ultimately caught by a New York City officer.

Episode 4: “Anna Delvey Takes Manhattan”

The youthful, uncomfortable Anna Sorokin transforms herself into attractive German heiress Anna Delvey thanks to a brilliant social media presence. Anna’s life begins to fall apart as she saddles her friend Rachel with the tab for their expensive trip, and she flees. Rachel, certain that her buddy is a con artist, teams up with the NYPD to piece together evidence to find Anna.

Episode 5: “Cult of WeWork”

Is Adam Neumann a clever salesperson or a greedy false prophet with such charm that a whole generation was persuaded to follow him to the promised land? The incredible growth and collapse of WeWork, the last of Silicon Valley’s so-called “unicorns,” is portrayed through the eyes of some of the multibillion-dollar company’s early adhearents.

Wrapping Up

We’re hope the other nine episodes are as exciting as this one, with images like the storyboard stills shown in episode.  We’re fascinated by the mechanics of intricate scams and how they attract victims who aren’t all that dissimilar to the scammer.

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