What’s There in Law and Order Svu Season 23?

This year, Law & Order: SVU is back on the case, with the show’s 23rd season scheduled to premiere on NBC. The main show for a franchise that has been a peacock network marquee, Law & Order: SVU, has been renewed.

The moniker SVU refers to the Special Victims Unit of the New York Police Department, and the show follows a highly trained squad of detectives who investigate sexually linked crimes. Historically, Law & Order: SVU has been episodic, effectively adopting a case-of-the-week approach that allows fans to hop in at any point and feel like they haven’t lost anything in terms of character development or whatever.

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law and order svu season 23

How Law and Order Svu Season 22 Ended?

Benson is facing a legal battle over Jayvon Brown, which might lose her her job. SVU helps a social activist (Suzette Gunn) find her lost sister (Victoria Janicki). Meanwhile, Benson and Garland team together to try to bring reform to the NYPD, and Kat gets a break when she is promoted to detective from officer.

After a year of COVID-related losses and disappointments, a local restaurant owner’s (Sarita Choudhury) life spirals out of control when she kidnaps her business’s realtor (Andrew Polk). When Benson comes across the place, she attempts to de-escalate the situation, but it reopens old scars from her previous losses. In the meantime, Rollins’ father (James Morrison) has another stroke, and Carisi attempts to console her.

Rolllins and the SVU team are concerned that Henry Mesner (Ethan Cutkosky) will be a risk to others after he is freed from juvenile jail after eight years. Benson assists in the investigation of a domestic violence case after Garland’s neighbour is found injured at work on a construction site, but the squad unearths additional evidence when the victim’s wife is suspected of being the perpetrator.

The Special Victims Unit is assisting a single mother who is being exploited for sex in her luxurious apartment. They realise she is being trafficked while they investigate, and they must persuade her to work with them in order to uncover the culprits who are trafficking her. In the meantime, Fin and Phoebe are making preparations for their wedding.

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What’s There in Law and Order Svu Season 23?

When a prominent congressman (Ben Rappaport) uses his political instincts to traffic girls, Benson and the Special Victims Unit rush against the clock to convict him, but the case may be more difficult than they anticipated. When Benson’s devotion to Garland is put to the test over the mishandled Javon Brown case, she confronts a big issue.

Meanwhile, when Chief McGrath assigns Detective Joe Velasco (Octavio Piscano) to the case, he joins the SVU unit (Terry Serpico). A suspicious vehicle accident also puts Benson’s life in jeopardy.

When one of Congressman Howard’s witnesses goes missing, the Special Victims Unit suffers a huge setback. It takes Fin and Kat down a perilous path, putting Kat’s life in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Rollins and Carisi try to figure out where their relationship stands.

Kat resigns from the Special Victims Unit after her accident convinces her that staying isn’t worth it, and Benson is further upset when she learns that Garland is quitting as Deputy Chief as a result of the Javon Brown case.

When a rape victim (Herizen Guardiola) identifies a violent gangster (Rhys Corio) as her assailant, Benson and Rollins must deal with the FBI and the Organized Crime Bureau. Unfortunately, the Special Victims Unit discovers that the perp is considerably more connected than they initially anticipated.

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Wrapping Up

New episodes of Law and Order: SVU air on NBC at 9 p.m. ET if you’re near a television. New episodes are also available on NBC.com the day after they premiere. Just keep in mind that to access some material, NBC will want you to create an NBCUniversal profile or link your TV provider. Otherwise, you have a plethora of streaming alternatives at your disposal. If you subscribe to YoutubeTV, fuboTV, or Sling TV you can watch Law & Order: SVU via NBC in real time. Episodes may also be seen at any time if you have a Peacock or Hulu subscription.

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