Why Women Kill Season 3: Release Date And Latest Updates

How many of you here are fans of shows with murderous vibes? I bet so many of you are, considering the sort of popularity such shows have nowadays. Violence and gore have become a widely accepted form of entertainment, and are appreciated everywhere. And maybe that is the reason behind the success of Why Women Kill on Paramount+. The show, which centers around strange happenings that involves women who have gone crazy over murders, has met with a very warm response from the audience over the past two years. I personally really liked the show, and loved the way that it exudes such a crazy vibe. But what is up with Why Women Kill Season 3? When does it come out? And is it even going to be released? These are the questions that I am going to answer today.

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Why Women Kill Season 3: About The Show

Why Women Kill Season 3


At its core, Why Women Kill can be classified as a horror comedy that revolves around murders and soap opera drama. It is a unique blend of the two that transpires into one of the most authentic shows that we have ever seen on TV. The first season of the show revolved around the murderous residents of a lavish mansion in California, and spans over a long period of time, going across different decades. It is a drama that incorporates elements of comedy, horror, and violence into one single package.

However, the second season for the show decided to switch gears and went for a story that did not span multiple decades. Rather, it revolved around a gardening club in California, in the 1940s. In the second season, the members of the club battle for control over it, and would go to murderous lengths to get what they want. Naturally, that transpires into an entertaining watch and one that most viewers loved. The elegant and flamboyant nature of the show is what makes it so special, and gives it that old school vibe that we can all learn to love and appreciate.

While the show has definitely changed the way that it is shown and has switched up its pace, it still remains true to its nature, with the brains and intent behind the show visible in everything that it does. The class and execution is absolutely top notch, and Marc Cherry has done an amazing job of putting something unique out there that is funny, scary, and endearing in the most charming way possible.

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Why Women Kill Season 3: Renewal

Why Women Kill Season 3

Why Women Kill has been an absolute showstopper over at Paramount+, taking a lot of the audience on a journey that it loved. Given that fact, the show was renewed for its second season at the time the finale of the first season aired. It was that good, and the network was that confident about renewing it. And that is the case with Paramount when it comes to most of its shows. They are renewed within a few weeks of their final release. However, this time, Why Women Kill still hasn’t been renewed so far. There has been no official announcement by Paramount, and it seems the network is keeping mum on the release of a third season. It has been a few months now, and things aren’t looking good.

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Why Women Kill Season 3: Release Date

Why Women Kill Season 3

While the second season was renewed quite early, due to the COVID pandemic, the shooting for the show had to be halted, and it was inevitably delayed. Which led to it being released this year in July. That was quite a delay and might have caused a lot of changes in the plans that Paramount originally had for the show. Given that the second season was renewed in October, we could be looking at yet another October renewal, given that the network wants to get back onto its original timeline, before the pandemic. But that is just conjecture, and what the real story is, is still unknown to us.

However, if the show was to be renewed this month, we could be looking at Why Women Kill Season 3 being released somewhere during the summer of next year, given that it is a part of Paramount’s summer releases last year. Or the show could revert back to the original October timeline, which would also suggest a degree of confidence in the show.

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Why Women Kill Season 3: What’s New

Well, when it comes to this show, the answer is everything! The first season for the show took place in a setting that spanned several decades. While the second season completely switched things up with a different setting, a different cast, and an all new story. So one thing that we can say for sure is that Why Women Kill Season 3 is going to be quite different than what we have seen so far, with an all new cast and a fresh setting. We might possibly be seeing another decade from the 20th century in play, and that would be something to watch. However, the show is still probably going to be set in California, albeit in a different place at a different time.

We don’t have any details on the next season of the show because it still hasn’t been renewed and the creators have kept everything under wraps. But we are expecting more underappreciated talent to make it to the show, and to wow the viewers with new stories, and more icky murders.

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Why Women Kill Season 3: Final Words

With that, we have discussed all that we know about Why Women Kill Season 3, and what one can expect from the show in the coming future. It remains to be seen how Marc Cherry approaches the show, and when it is going to be released. But whatever happens, I’ll be sure to watch it when it comes out, because I have liked what I have seen so far.

Why Women Kill is currently streaming on Paramount+. Check it out at the following link:

Watch Why Women Kill on Paramount+

Why Women Kill currently holds a rating of 8.3 out of 10 on IMDb, based on multiple user reviews. IMDb is our preferred platform for all movies and TV shows.

You may watch the trailer for the show below:

What do you think about the upcoming season? Are you excited about it? Are you up to date with all the latest happenings on Why Women Kill? Let me know in the comments down below.

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