World War Z 2: Is It Coming Out

Eight years ago, the Hollywood blockbuster World War Z came out. Starring Brad Pitt in the lead role, World War Z took the world by storm. No one had ever seen such a well put together zombie movie before. The thrilling atmosphere and the chilly vibes of the movie were so well received, the movie went on to break the box office. World War Z was the epitome of what a zombie movie should be at the time it came out. Brad Pitt was stunning in the role and audiences cheered on in theaters during the movie. But since the last 8 years, we and fans of the movie have been waiting for a sequel to the treasured masterpiece that the movie was. So when does World War Z 2 come out? Or has it been canceled? Read on to find out more about World War Z 2.

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World War Z: About the Movie

World War Z

World War Z was a post apocalyptic movie that came out back in 2013. The movie starred Brad Pitt in the lead role and was an almost instant hit among the masses. The movie was based on the novel by the same name by Max Brooks. World War Z followed Brad Pitt, who was an investigator for the United Nations, as he traveled the world and investigated the zombie plague to try to come to a solution and end the pandemic. The film also had a phenomenal supporting cast and credit was given for the same by reviewers at the time. The movie came to an end that was sort of an opening for a sequel. While the movie could be done for good, the director kept room for a return, just in case. Or so we believe.

Since then, fans of the movie as well as the book have been hopeful for a second installment to the franchise. The first movie did really well for its time and even the show creators themselves said that while they did not have plans to bring back World War Z for a second time, it was something that they considered and that was on the table. They specifically said that there was still room for another movie, given the written material.

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World War Z 2: Announcement

World War Z 2

So far, there have been no official announcements on the release of World War Z 2. And the prospects for another movie in the franchise grow weaker with each passing day. It has already been 7 years since the first movie came out. And the cast is not getting any younger either. There has been a lot going on recently too, so prospects for the new movie don’t look so good. While it is something that is definitely on the table, it is difficult to really say anything about it, just because of the large amount of time that has passed since the first movie in the franchise came out.

So we would really advise all our readers not to keep their hopes too high on the return. The movie might not return at all, especially given the casual answer the movie creators gave. It is an option, but it is not necessarily something that is happening. And we don’t think that the movie creators would risk ruining the legacy of the first movie by releasing a half baked second one, given the dearth of content there is that remains of the book.

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World War Z 2: Release Date

While it is difficult to set a release date on something that hasn’t even been revealed yet, we can still estimate when the movie would come out, should the producers decide to go on with the production and actually produce the movie. If the producers do manage to get the funding and the movie is a go, we can expect to see the movie by 2024, given the way the pandemic is spreading, and the way movie producers are working. If it does not come out by 2024, you might as well consider it to be the end of the franchise.

World War Z 2: Final Words

While World War Z 2 might not be a guarantee, the first movie was certainly one worth watching. And one that left its own legacy. It is a movie we highly recommend, especially for fans of the post apocalyptic genre. It is a movie well worth watching and we give it a full fledged thumbs up. If you haven’t watched it, what are you waiting for? Go watch it now!

The first movie, World War Z, is currently available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. You may watch the same by clicking the link down below:

Watch World War Z on Amazon Prime Video

The movie currently holds a rating of 7/10 on IMDb, based on thousands of user reviews. IMDb is our trusted platform for entertainment reviews and the rating is pretty decent. On a personal note, we wholeheartedly recommend the movie to fans of the genre.

World War Z Poster

What do you think about the movie? Do you think a World War Z 2 is going to happen? What do you think the creators of the movie are going to do? And what did you think of this article. Let us know all your thoughts in the comment section down below.

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