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Write for Us: Guest Post Guidelines

TheFranchiseHound is all about entertainment, general news, lifestyles, fashion, businesses and games. Our website also competes with big brands like state magazine, Collider, Trendingnewsbuzz and even with Keeperfacts and so on.

thefranchisehound has more than 13+ Editors who work great and independently to provide you with the latest and relevant information at the right time.

Now the question arises do you like to work with us or you want to write for us? Or rather you want sponsored posts for websites

So, You are welcome in both cases.

Here is a great formula for a guest post

If you want to take advantage over your competitors and want to rank in the top 10 of google then you go for a guest post. 

Keyword Research for Guest Post + A Well Written/ Research Based/ Inclusive Facts & Figures Based Article + Instant Traffic = Ranking of Main Page or Ranking of Anchor Text & URL

Guest Post Guidelines Before writing Topics:

Before writing articles for our website firstly check what we provide. The franchise hound is providing you with more articles which covers everything from its entertainment, lifestyle, news, fashion, business, travel to its video games.

But most trending news about our site is that our main focus is to provide relevant information to the readers on the entertainment niche. It is one of the most top news websites in Google so there is no issue regarding the content. The main thing that matters is the quality of the content which makes the site rank in top stories.

If you ask me what kind of articles we accept for our website, then these are the related topics-

  1. Entertainment niche based articles.
  2. Application reviews and its downloads.
  3. Articles related to games.
  4. Business and companies related articles.
  5. Essay writing related to education and real life problems and how to solve them.
  6. Even articles related to technology are also covered.

Do You Accept Paid Sponsored posts?

Yes, we accept Paid Sponsored Posts to our readers and you can directly mail your article on email [email protected] for review purposes.

Pricing of the Guest post mainly depends upon the article whether it is relevant and problem solving or is it for marketing. If the content is valuable or not for the reader? So it’s better for both of us, to send your article in our mail for review purposes and thank you for being our guest.

Official Contact Details-

Email: [email protected]

Or you can check our contact page for more details.