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Do you want to write for TheFranchiseHound & get paid? or do you want to advertise on us? or Are you looking for best way to get sponsored post?

On this page, you’ll get to know “how could you have guest post from us free & paid?”

How to Get Guest Post for Free?

Although I can make it complicated for you but if you gave us something that actually drive more users, more viewers to us or that actually help our viewers, you get guest post for free.

Want tips?

Tips & Tricks to Guest Post for Free | Guest Post Guidelines

Say it tips and tricks or Guest post guidelines, what important is to “Act on this information”.

A successful writing counts a deeper knowledge about subject, user engagement and the way to move forward.

So what is the way to move forward… i.e. Your Call-to-Action

Call to action means motivating your users to perform any action such as filling out the survey form, making a call, or buying.

Never the less, Call to action refers to like, comment or subscribe too.

So let’s just end up with this general information and start with tips & tricks:

  1. Today, When our visitors are so much busy in using lots of digital products such as our own website, videos, ebooks, you can write your article with infographics. Infographics that actually includes research based facts, infographics that other blogs will like to add in their own website or in simple terms, infographics that have ability to get lot of shares- if you have something like this, you have an opportunity to get guest post for free.
  2. A well research long articles of around 2000 words in a casual and concise form can help you to get your guest post on thefranchisehound for free.

If your content is something unusual, you are most welcome to get guest post for free. But if you want us to promote you, keep scrolling…

However, Before purchasing paid guest post/sponsored post, let’s have look at Navn’s ranking formula:

Keyword Research for Guest Post


A Well Written/ Research Based/ Inclusive Facts & Figures Based Article


Instant Traffic

= Ranking of Main Page or Ranking of Your Given Anchor Text & URL

If you want to take advantage over your competitors and want to rank in the top 10 of google then you must go for a guest post. 

Why to Take Sponsored Post from The Franchise Hound?

Right now, TheFranchiseHound is having more than 1 lakh traffic monthly and with in next 1-2 months, you’ll see great hike in this traffic reason being it’s one of the top stories google news website.

Now, you might be wondering “What is google news top stories website?”

Each & every article that got published on the franchise hound got featured in google snippet. Do you want to know – how? Check out the image given below:

Top Stories Google News Website

Now, if you take sponsored post from us, your article might comes into top stories and that will help your content to engage more viewers and get more awareness of your brand. The main thing that matters is the quality of the content which makes the site rank in top stories.

The Franchise Hound is all about entertainment, general news, lifestyles, fashion, businesses and games.

Our website also competes with big brands like state magazine, Collider, Trendingnewsbuzz and even with Keeperfacts and so on.

Thefranchisehound has more than 13+ Editors who work great and independently to provide you with the latest and relevant information at the right time.

What Type of Article Do We Accept as Paid Sponsored Post?

If you ask me what kind of articles we accept for our website, then these are the related topics-

  1. Entertainment niche based articles.
  2. Application reviews and its downloads.
  3. Articles related to games.
  4. Business and companies related articles.
  5. Essay writing related to education and real life problems and how to solve them.
  6. Even articles related to technology are also covered.

Do You Accept Paid Sponsored posts?

Yes, we accept Paid Sponsored Posts to our readers and you can directly mail your article on email for review purposes.

Pricing of the Guest post mainly depends upon the article whether it is relevant and problem solving or is it for marketing. Send us your article for review purposes and we will be happy to assist you as our guest.

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