Young Royals Season 2: What’s New

Young Royals Season 2 has been in the news for a while and the fans have been waiting for it with quite a bit of hope. A take on the monarchical system of governance in a modern setting, the show has been garnering quite the fan following over the course of its run. I personally feel that the show is a fresh breath of air and is really popular among all levels of audiences. It has a special place in the heart of younger audiences too, and that is quite a win in my opinion. I’m sure that you all have your opinions about the show too. It is just that famous and has been making the gossip for quite some time now.

Young Royals came out a year ago and has been doing really well since then. It told a story that was centered around the main character Prince Wilhelm. Now I know that I’m not the only one who sees some similarities here. And I’m not the only one who sees where the show draws its inspiration from. Needless to say, there are going to be a lot of comparisons made between this one and the Crown. But one has to consider that they are both very different shows. And while there are some similarities, it is not good to compare them. So when does Young Royals Season 2 come out? Is there a release date? Keep reading to find out.

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Young Royals Season 2: What’s It About

Young Royals Season 2

The first season of Young Royals focused on our beloved Prince Wilhelm as he juggled through life at school, along with his royal duties and his desire for his beloved. Lisa Ambjörn, Lars Beckung, and Camilla Holter star in the show and give it all the bling that it needs. The first season of the show followed Wilhelm as he learned how to keep his life in balance and to continue with everything, while the second season is expected to follow after the cliffhanger of the first one.

The first season ended on the cliffhanger that the prince had to choose between the royal life and stepping up to hold the crown, or remaining with his love, and spending his life with Simon. It is quite an interesting ordeal and one that will tear fans apart. So we are expecting to see the result of the same in the second season.

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Young Royals Season 2: Renewal

Now, with the way that the first season ended, it would have been a huge shame if Netflix did not renew the show for a second season. Netflix renewed the show recently, and posted the news on their social media account. So Young Royals Season 2 has been confirmed and is definitely coming out. There has been no announcement of a release date though, so we can assume it is going to be an affair similar to that of the first season. We can expect Young Royals Season 2 to drop sometime in July 2022.

It is surely going to be an exciting one for fans and I’m really looking forward to it. What exactly is Prince Wilhelm going to choose? Will he choose honor or love? That is the question on every fan’s mind. So let us wait for the next one, and enjoy what we have for now.

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Young Royals Season 2: Final Words

Young Royals Season 2 is quite a while away, but that doesn’t mean that we cannot enjoy the first season. The first season has plenty of entertainment to offer, and is definitely worth a rewatch. If you haven’t watched the show, I recommend that you give it a watch, especially if you are on the younger side.

Young Royals is currently streaming on Netflix. You may check it out at the following link:

Watch Young Royals on Netflix

The show currently holds a rating of 8.5 out of 10 on IMDb, based on multiple user reviews. IMDb is our preferred platform for all movies and TV shows.

You may watch the trailer for the show here:

What do you expect from the next season? Are you looking forward to it? Let me know in the comments down below.

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