Tattoo Shops Are Now Franchising

Now we’ve seen it all! You’ve probably thought about getting a tattoo before, or maybe you even have a few of your own to show off to your friends, but I bet you’ve never thought about owning a tattoo shop franchise! Now the opportunity is available to those who have enough collateral to make up for their lacking artistic advantage in the body art industry.

The competition is slim. Sure, there are a lot of tattoo artists out there, but how many of them do you think know how to market their services correctly? Furthermore, the overhead is fairly low. You don’t need to be on the busiest street corner to get customers. You just need to be close enough to free parking. After all, the people who would normally walk in from the street are just going to waste your time by asking a bunch of questions and then telling you they’ll have to “think about it.” So, getting “prime real estate” isn’t really an issue here.

How One Des Moines IA Tattoo Shop is Making Headlines

According to a recent survey done by a tattoo shop in Des Moines, IA, the industry is a prime point of entry for new entrepreneurs just getting their feet wet. We really like this idea and you should too! Especially considering that you can easily open one up in a smaller metro area and get started…like yesterday!

The linked tattoo website gives you a brief look at how a small town like Des Moines, IA can easily create enough revenue to not only keep the business going strong for years to come, but to have enough positive cash flow that you can roll over into other ventures!

Tattoo Terminal is paving the way for us entrepreneurs and we salute them. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are several more of these little shops popping up everywhere throughout the United States. In fact, we got word the other day that they are expanding into Missouri as well. Anywhere there’s people who want tattoos, you’ve got yourself a nice little market. And yes, there are people who want tattoos everywhere. The only thing standing between success and failure, as you may well know already, is good marketing.

This isn’t the type of business where you’re going to get a lot of first time shoppers. You’re going to get them at first, sure, but you are going to have to capitalize on your repeat business. Just getting your name known is half the battle. Getting people to come back is the tricky part.


Risks of Opening a LASIK Franchise

There are many franchise opportunities available right now in almost any field you can imagine. We’ve gotten some questions recently about the viability of opening up a LASIK franchise (laser vision correction). While this might seem like a good idea on the surface, there are many things to consider before jumping the gun here.

A Bit of Warning with LASIK

First off, when you open a franchise in the medical industry, you are opening yourself up to a world of potential lawsuits. With LASIK operations, there are so many things that could go wrong with a person’s vision that you can’t even begin to understand. Furthermore, we’ve found that the lengthier the liability waivers are, the less people will be interested in the surgery. If you want to know more about some of the risks associated with this particular procedure, check out this article on LASIK in Atlanta and just do a bit of light reading. When and if you do, you’ll see that in some cases, the risks of laser surgery outweigh the pro’s.

Now that you’ve thought about the potential liability, you should also think about the overhead costs associated with this operation. You’ll either have to renovate an old commercial building, or build an entirely new one. Most commercial buildings that have had previous medical tenants aren’t going to be up to code, so you’re going to have a bit of a headache getting them up to speed. If you are looking to build a new building, good luck finding an architect and contractors that have done this sort of job before. Just like with anything else that’s new and trending, most people have no idea what they’re doing until they’ve done it a few times.

The Potential Profits of a LASIK Surgery Franchise

Okay, so now we’re getting to the good stuff. Or are we? A few years ago laser vision correction surgery would go for several hundreds of dollars, and even ranging into the thousands. These days though, we find that most people are bargain shoppers. They want the most “bang” for their “buck,” so to speak. That being said, you can still make a lot of money in this industry if you have the right systems in place.

Here’s how to make a ton of money with your LASIK franchise.

  1. Be sure that your sales language is unique. Everybody and their brother are advertising cheap rates and low turn-down rates. Shoot for the opposite. You don’t want people with astigmatism, but no money. You want your services to seem like the cream of the crop and your surgeons to be the best in their profession.
  2. Hire the right people. Most LASIK laser surgery clinics hire minimum wage receptionists who can get a little short with customers. They’ll hire people straight out of high school because they don’t have to pay them as much. Do the opposite. Hire the best you can afford. Hire people that make your LASIK customers feel at ease and ready to move forward with the process after their initial consultation with your surgical staff.
  3. Don’t overspecialize. Don’t offer PRK surgery, glaucoma surgery, or other corrective vision surgeries. Just be the best at one thing, laser vision correction, and the customers will come.

Is a Franchise for Snow Removal in Chicago Right For You?

There are quite a few franchises out there to choose from, but there are a few that even have us confused. It turns out that there are a couple of franchises for snow removal in Chicago Illinois available for only a modest fee. No matter how modest, I wonder why someone would choose to be a franchisee only for a certain time of year. To me, this seems like something that goes against why most people go into business for themselves in the first place. I won’t name any names of these snow plow companies, but I do want to mention a couple of points before you decide to jump into one of the business opportunities.

Chicago Snow Removal Franchise

The Possible Problems with a Chicago Snow Plowing Franchise

First off, let’s talk about the obvious. Unless you live somewhere that is ALWAYS winter, there are going to be times of the year where you are making NO money. Exactly zero dollars is what you’ll be earning if there isn’t any snow on the ground.

Secondly, think about how much some of these big snow plows cost. Some companies that specialize in residential snow removal in Chicago have gigantic pieces of heavy machinery that a small franchisee isn’t going to be able to compete with. Does the franchise headquarters help with this overhead?

Thirdly, let’s think about the barrier of entry for the common person who doesn’t go the way of a franchise. Yes, they’ll have to purchase additional insurance, but the common snow plow is just an add-on to a pickup truck that the person drives anyway. So, setting yourself apart from the guy down the street is going to be a very difficult task.

One thing to consider, when trying to be profitable, is with commercial snow plowing jobs. This seems like it might be one of the more profitable verticals to fall into because the contracts are typically longer and the need is always there. For instance, you aren’t going to have to talk a property manager into providing clean sidewalks and parking lots to avoid lawsuits. Convincing homeowners might prove to be a little more difficult in this area. So, going the route of large commercial snow removal contracts might be your best bet if you are considering this business opportunity.

Snow Plowing – Best or Bust?

All-in-all, we wouldn’t pursue it, but we hate the cold. However, if you don’t mind getting up early (really early), getting out in the cold, and pushing some snow around, this might be a good opportunity for you.


SEO Companies in Atlanta, Georgia

There’s a lot of great opportunities if you want to start an Atlanta SEO company. There are numerous avenues that you can specialize in. From web design, social media management, reputation management, to full out search engine optimization campaigns, Atlanta business owners need these services. If you know how to do these things, you might just find that this industry can be very fruitful.

There are a few companies already in the space that are doing an excellent job, but there are more businesses out there that need services than these few companies can handle. Certainly one Atlanta SEO company can’t handle the entire demand. Neither can 5, 10, or even 20. In other words, there’s a ton of room for you to start your business in Atlanta, Georgia.

The process of starting your own SEO company, is figuring out your own specialization and do what we call ‘niching’ down. In other words, don’t just offer every service under the sun. Be sure to figure out what you do REALLY well and offer that service at first. After a while you can spread your wings, but by narrowing down your search engine optimization specialties, you will be considered more of an expert in that particular field.

About the SEO Industry in Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia is a hub for a lot of international businesses. But don’t let that cripple your motivation. There are so many small businesses in Atlanta to go around and very few of them have a good online presence. While most companies will offer some very basic search engine optimization services, not a lot of them truly know what they’re doing. They just outsource a lot of their work to other people who don’t really know what they’re doing either.

If you know about keyword research, then you have a lot more information than some of the other companies offering Atlanta SEO. Some people think that keyword research is just typing something into the Google keyword planner and seeing what else pops up that has a lot of search volume. That’s right. Go get ’em.

If you know about social media management and can do it well, the biggest obstacle that you’re going to have to overcome is making that service profitable. If you can provide a real VALUE to your client, then you’ve already got one up on your competition.

Another realm that you can investigate is in website design and maintenance. A lot of people have a web designer that they use, but in most cases, this person is extremely slow in making nominal changes to a website. These should be easy targets for you as well.

Backlinking is another thing that most people don’t know how to do the right way. When it comes to SEO, links can determine a first page ranking vs a fifth page ranking. If you know how to gain backlinks to a client’s site the right way, and you aren’t a spammer, then you can find a lot of success going this route.

During our research, we have found that the leading SEO company is the following:

Force Boost
1425 Ellsworth Industrial Boulevard NW, Suite 20
Atlanta, Georgia 30318

Try to figure out what those guys are doing and try to just do a piece of it. You’ll see results. All in all, there is a lot of room if you want to start an Atlanta SEO company. Good luck!

Bail Bonds in Atlanta, Georgia

There’s a new wave of businesses sweeping the Atlanta metropolitan area, and that is in the industry of bail bonds. Let’s think about it this way. The more people commit crimes, the more people there are that need bailed out of jail, right? The things that contribute to the increased need for these services are the general rise in numbers of the human population and the increase in unemployment. When these two things rise, so does the crime rate. When there are more people committing more crimes, a bail bondsman comes to the rescue. However, this franchise also has some potential drawbacks.

To get a good feel of how bail bonds work, here’s a little back story. It used to be that people got arrested all of the time without due process. Only until recent years did the Supreme Court favor the rights of the accused. The Miranda Rights are an example of this. Where a bail bond comes in handy is when a person doesn’t have the money to put up their own bail out of pocket. A licensed bail bondsman will vouch for the person and put up the bulk of the bail money. This is a type of insurance for the court. The accused person in need of the service will only have to put up around 10% of the total bail along with some additional forms of collateral in most cases.

The industry can be pretty lucrative. Just like most insurance franchises, you have to be aware of the risk involved. The most profitable bail bondsman agency owners have very systematic and structured ways of determining risk. If a person is not likely to show up for their court date, then you don’t want to insure them. You could be out thousands of dollars. On the other hand, though, if a person is almost guaranteed to show up to court (usually because they have too much to lose). These are the types of customers you want.

The best way to get into the bonding industry is to work for an existing agency for a while and learn the ropes. This way you can find out all of the little intricate details and legal issues surrounding the general daily activities. They aren’t really all that complicated, but you just have to be in the industry for a while so you understand how they fit all together.

Hopefully our little blurb on bail bonds franchises will help you in your future endeavors!

Our Pick:

Bail Bonding Now
235 Peachtree Street Northeast #400 Atlanta, Georgia 30303