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The Franchisehound is an entertainment website along with top news. Our aim is to provide the best entertaining articles which are also seen in top stories  which includes tv dramas, latest and interesting web series, super power and supernatural movies and tv shows. We provide highly content articles for our viewers mostly in the niche of Entertaining and news. There are a lot of anime TV series for the lovers of manga series and who want to watch anime which are adapted from popular mangas. 

From Tv dramas to its action movies and even with all latest web series, the franchise hound is the new top website which exists in top stories. It  provides readers updated news with best playing games like Sims, in well deep information about all you want at the right place. We are here to serve you the latest news, popular video games, all dramas and gadgets.

Why We Started The Franchise Hound?

Firstly we wanted to tell you that it is a top story website and you can even check on google as many articles related to the entertainment niche appear in top stories. Examples of a few articles are- ‘No Sudden Move’, ‘Sweet Magnolias’, ‘The Karate Kid’, and ‘Redo of healer season 2’. So our main purpose is to engage readers by providing actual and useful information or news on time by which there is a constant flow of relevant information regarding any latest updates. If you love the content of our site  then you can also tell what extra you wanted other than this, so that we can also write on your favourite one. We allow everyone to check our latest articles and all recent information with easy access about all popular things which are trending in the world related to Tv shows, webseries, animes and movies.

Objective of the Franchise Hound 

We will continue to work with our whole team to provide you with maximum relevant content which helps in binding love with our viewers so that they come to feel comfortable and demand more from our site.

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